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MSDC Partners on Groundbreaking Development

The Métis Settlements Development Corporation (MSDC) board has approved a Groundbreaking Partnership with TLA Group of Holding Companies Inc. (TLA)

to Address Affordable Housing through a Purpose-Built Rental Housing Project

The Métis Settlement Development Corporation (MSDC) and TLA Group of Holding Companies Inc. (TLA) proudly unveil a historic collaboration poised to transform the landscape of rental housing in the Erin Ridge area of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Set to break ground in the spring of 2024, this visionary project will combat the ongoing housing shortage and affordability challenges facing the region.

With a steadfast commitment to expanding housing options and supporting the community, this joint venture will confront housing challenges head-on. The project will introduce up to 362 purpose-built rental units, offering a comprehensive range of housing solutions tailored to a diverse income demographic. These units will include affordable rentals, near-market, and market-rate housing, with a focus on adaptability and accessibility to ensure inclusivity. The development is designed to address the

housing needs of urban Métis and Indigenous populations in the Edmonton region.

The MSDC and TLA partnership symbolizes the unity of stakeholders from diverse sectors, including industry, indigenous communities, local, and provincial governments, coming together to address pressing housing issues. Beyond the construction of physical structures, this project signifies a collective commitment to bridging gaps in housing affordability and availability.

The strategically chosen location, nestled within the heart of employment centers and adjacent to mass transit routes, underscores the project's thoughtful planning. Residents will benefit from proximity to new schools, parks, and trails, promoting a harmonious work-life balance.

Key Project Highlights:

1. Up to 362 Rental Units: The project will provide purpose-built rental units, catering to diverse housing needs, including affordable housing and units designed for individuals with mobility challenges.

2. Prime Location: Situated in the highly sought-after Erin Ridge area of St. Albert, residents will enjoy access to essential amenities, educational institutions, recreational facilities, mass transit, and employment centers.

3. Construction Commencement: Construction is scheduled to commence in 2024, marking the beginning of this groundbreaking initiative.

4. Exemplary Collaboration: The MSDC and TLA partnership serves as a model for industry, indigenous communities, provincial, and local governments, highlighting the positive outcomes achievable through concerted efforts.

5. Housing Affordability and Availability: The primary goal of the project is to make significant strides in addressing housing affordability and availability issues, fostering stronger, more inclusive communities.

6. Inclusive Design: The project's design incorporates elements of indigenous culture, paying homage to the Métis history of St. Albert. This project aligns with the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action by promoting healing through architecture and housing, emphasizing shared values within an Indigenous context.

Extensive community consultation will guide the naming conventions for the project, with ceremonies planned to seek community guidance.

MSDC TLA Media Release
Download PDF • 1.47MB

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