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Randy Anderson is an enthusiastic Cree Metis from Gift Lake Metis Settlement and is a strong advocate for both education and economic development. In his personal history he has owned and operated businesses, which created employment opportunities for people in his community and broader areas. He believes creating employment not only helps an individual but others in the community.

In education, Randy enrolled in the Business Management Program through the University of Lethbridge. It is here when Randy became an Economic Development officer for the Gift Lake Metis Settlement to which he was a part of building a business for his community. Randy has spent a decade working as Manager of Indigenous Relations for Northern Lakes College to which he was responsible, advancing educational opportunities  for adults in Northern Indigenous Communities. Randy believes education is the foundational skill needed to navigate in the current world we are in. Randy’s knowledge of the northern communities, his commitment and understanding of how to support communities to become self-sufficient through economic development opportunities are core in his beliefs for a better future.

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