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Alison Thompson is an energy system visionary, imagining a better world via renewable energy.

She earned her Masters of Engineering and started in hydrocarbons, gaining experience in the energy industry. But these industries could not keep up with her. She saw the impact of climate change and the hydrocarbon industry’s contribution, and she decided to influence a new energy sector in Canada. Alison championed geothermal technology when few others were considering it. She is an innovator, bringing her diverse experience and understanding of technology to roles with the European Commission and the US Department of Energy as an Expert Evaluator. Alison has uplifted the Canadian geothermal industry to support her vision of a clean-energy future.

After two decades of leading geothermal research and projects, co-founding the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA), Borealis GeoPower and Kitselas Geothermal, Alison is still driven every day to wake up and address climate change. Her passion for geothermal has led her to become a mentor to youth and women in science. In 2010, Alison was given the Belle Mulligan Leadership Award from Canadian Investor Relations Institute for increasing investor confidence in the global geothermal energy industry. She has been awarded the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in Alberta 2020 Centennial Leadership Award, and she was a nominee for the 2021 Engineers Canada Gold Medal Award, yet her priorities remain the same: open minds and redefine what is considered possible. Canada does not have to choose between economy and the environment.

The passion for geothermal does not stop at work as Alison likes to relax in a hot spring as often as possible.

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