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Actively Building A Future Of Economic Equity And Prosperity For Indigenous People

The Métis Settlements Impact Fund (MSIF) is a $100 million impact investment fund with a focus on Economic Reconciliation and Sustainability. Your investments will positively impact Metis Settlements and other indigenous communities. The Métis Settlements Impact Fund is  focused on investments that advance Indigenous economic reconciliation. Investments will be selected to positively impact Metis Settlements and other Indigenous communities. The fund will act as a source of prosperity for next seven generations of Métis settlement members, led by Indigenous voices in all investment decisions.

Create Good, Do Good, Share Good!  Be Part of Reconciliation to Reconcili-Action: Your investment will empower indigenous representation and decision-making.

Investment Committee

MSDC is pleased to announce the appointment of the Investment Committee for the Metis Settlements Impact Fund.   The investment committee is a key partner in the succcess of the investment fund, providing experienced industry perspectives and review of investment recommendations, liasing with fund limited partners and building strong stakeholder relationships.

The committee is comprise of seven individuals, six from the private sector and one member of the MSDC board.  They are responsible for reviewing investment decisions and making recommendations to the MSDC Board of Directors for Impact  Fund investments. 

Investment Committee Members
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