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MSDC focuses its efforts on key industry verticals that have a direct impact on the prosperity of Metis communities.  We engage with opportunities that focus drive direct economic impact for our limited partnership, but also have positive ESG impacts.
In addition, we focus on sectors and opportunities that are driven by innovation and technology, and at their core will make positive generational impacts.
We look for long term value in both growing companies as well as mature projects and businesses that see stable revenue for years to come. 
Check out below to learn more about our investments in each of our industry verticals. 


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Energy and energy transition are core to our investment platform.  MSDC invests in assets, projects and opportunities which have positive ESG impacts and create strong financial returns.  Projects include all aspects of energy from infrastructure and processing in traditional oil and gas, to carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, solar, wind, geothermal, and other energy transition opportunities plus biomass and fuel replacement. We review opportunities across the value chain inclusive of production, manufacturing, delivery, technology and adoption. 


Energy transition has a direct impact on the need for critical minerals and advanced mining technology.  Canada will be critical to the world's demand for critical minerals for battery technology, advancing hydrogen and much more.  These projects will additionally take place on Indigenous terriroty across Canada and will need to indigenous participation.  MSDC will invest in projects and partnerships with Indigenous equity opportunities, strong ESG frameworks and financial returns. 


Transportation is key to the movement of goods and people.  MSDC is exploring investments in key transportation opportunities such as manufacturing, fuel transition, trucking and cargo. 



Agriculture is critical to both local and global food security and Alberta is poised to be able to feed the world. MSDC looks at opportunities that create value add to agriculture.  At the core of this are primary producers, but at MSDC we look across opportunities to explore new technology in food production, value added food processing, the utilization of fibers and fiber processing in industrial applications, plant protein processing and much more. 


Infrastructure includes a broad range of project and investment opportunities. From those that directly support Metis settlements for transportation, water, housing and education, to those that are critical to Canada such as roads, water, electricity, broadband and telecommunications.  MSDC works with industry to develop Indigenous equity participation and partnerships in projects across Canada


Service industry is an all encompassing term for our interest across a number of opportunities in consumer facing opportunities such as car washes, hospitality, tourism, and more.  As well as professional services such as financial services, insurance, project management and more.  In addition to these, we look at companies with unique technology offerings that are building in new verticals such as synthetic modelling, aerospace, drones, quantum computing and more. 

Real Estate is a key investment for any diversified portfolio.  Currently, MSDC is focused on the multi-family housing market and the opportunities for rental and condo properties and affordable housing projects. 

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