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Actively Building A Future Of Economic Equity And Prosperity For Indigenous People

The Métis Settlements Impact Fund (MSIF) is a $100 million impact investment fund with a focus on Economic Reconciliation and Sustainability. Your investments will positively impact Metis Settlements and other indigenous communities. The Métis Settlements Impact Fund is  focused on investments that advance Indigenous economic reconciliation. Investments will be selected to positively impact Metis Settlements and other Indigenous communities. The fund will act as a source of prosperity for next seven generations of Métis settlement members, led by Indigenous voices in all investment decisions.

Create Good, Do Good, Share Good! 

Creating Impact – Unlocking the $100 Billion Indigenous Economy MSIF is one of less than a handful of impact funds to invest in transformative indigenous economic reconciliation. Following an innovative Environmental, Social, Governance and Indigenous
(ESGI) framework using observable data points with Indigenous values pertaining to community, land stewardship, and relational reciprocity.

Direct impact for our Metis Settlements and other indigenous communities through investments and returns. We will generate positive monetary returns and long term positive economic, social and environmental impact. We will leverage our diversified investment portfolio in energy, agriculture technology, health sectors and Indigenous-owned companies to magnify

Be Part of Reconciliation to Reconcili-Action: Your investment will empower indigenous representation and decision-making.

The Metis Settlements Impact Fund (MSIF) is designed to bridge the access to capital gap for indigenous communities.  The fund provides a path for material participation in Economic Reconciliation for private and institutional investors. 

There are four levels of impact for the MSIF:

Metis Settlements – The fund directly impacts economic reconciliation and the prosperity and wellbeing of Metis people by creating dividends for our Metis Settlements Limited Partners through fund investments.​

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – We focus on investing in companies that align with SDGs including Energy Transition and Climate, Agriculture and Food Security, Health and Mental Health and Indigenous owned companies.  These are areas that adversely impact indigenous communities and where real impact can be made growth and change in Indigenous communities. We will invest in companies that make material and substantial change and are invested in true reconciliation. We also wanted to ensure that we could invest in indigenous owned companies, where we can make an impact form the growth of indigenous entrepreneurs.

Growth Companies – We will strategically invest in growth opportunities. When assessing companies, we will fund companies in their next stage of growth. We are long term, patient investors who use a seven generations approach in creating long term intergenerational wealth and prosperity. 

ESGI – MSDC is building a set of environmental, social, governance and indigenous metrics that will be leading in how we measure the impact of portfolio companies on ESG measures but will also provide a set of metrics that let us materially measure the impact on indigenous people and communities.


  • Creating positive economic impact for our Métis communities.

  • Actively developing Indigenous Reconcil-Action criteria.

  • Fully-vetted investment opportunities based on impact. 


  • Focusing on investments in growth companies.



  • Indigenous led/benefiting companies in agriculture, energy transition, and health.




LOCATIONS: Companies based in Canada


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