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The Metis Settlements of Alberta 

The Metis Settlement Development Corporation (MSDC) is the general partner of the Metis Settlements Limited Partnership. The Limited Partnership consists of the following partners:

We are proud to represent this collective of Metis Settlements in Alberta and their unique history.

A Metis Homeland in Alberta. A Constitutional First in Canada.  Across 1.25 million acres are eight communities, connected by the vision for self-government and self-determination. The first and only Metis self-government in Canada, recognized constitutionally as a distinct and protected people, the Metis Settlements are a vital and rich part of our Canadian cultural identity.  A people that are the bridge between worlds, European and indigenous. 


Today, Alberta accounts for more than 96,000 Métis which is the largest among the provinces and territories representing more than 21.4% of all Métis in Canada. Metis people represent 5% of the total Canadian population.

Learn more about the Metis Settlements of Alberta.

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