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Anders Kruus is a Finance Executive who combines leadership with financial and operational acumen to drive repeated P&L expansion, as evidenced throughout his 25+ years at the executive level. He excels in dynamic environments, where he leverages his skills to guide teams, executives and entrepreneurs to success through actionable metrics, cash-focused planning, thoughtful empowerment and resource optimization.


Anders has advised numerous indigenous communities in both Canada and the United States and has worked in several industries including real estate, finance, and clean power, in addition to advisory and principal experience with investment pools and funds.


Along the way he has managed multi-center teams, built global client networks, co-founded numerous businesses, run a cross-border IPO, become fluent in 4 languages, and worked in seven cities across four countries. He holds an MBA in Finance and a CMA certification and has been a registered securities representative in the U.K. and the U.S..

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