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Mike is a member of Elizabeth Metis Settlement and has lived there his whole life.  Growing up in Elizabeth, he lived a traditional Metis lifestyle and spent a lot of his childhood on the land hunting, fishing, and trapping. Mike has been active in the community as a member of the Elizabeth council for several years. He helped start an apprenticeship training program on the settlement for trades such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians.  He helped with baseball and hockey for settlement youth, and was also on the board of directors for North East Gas Co-Op for the past 10 years to represent the settlements needs.  


Mike is a proud Metis business owner to a successful fluid hauling company that operates over 100 trucks and trailers.  He has over 25 years of active business experience, management knowledge, people skills, and good relations with business companies and Indigenous communities.  Throughout his career, he worked and developed relationships with First Nations and Metis communities across Treaty 6. Speaking fluent Cree has allowed him to communicate more effectively within Cree communities and work with elders.


He lives in the community with his wife and spends time with his seven children and two grandchildren. 

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