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Groundbreaking Impact Investment Fund Launches to Drive Indigenous Economic Reconciliation

Updated: Jun 10

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Métis Settlements Development Corporation, a leader in Indigenous economic reconciliation, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its latest venture, the Métis Settlements Impact Fund. This pioneering fund marks a significant milestone in the realm of impact investing, providing investors with a unique opportunity to generate financial returns while making a tangible difference in addressing indigenous economic reconciliation challenges. One of only a handful of Indigenous-led impact funds in Canada, the Métis Settlements Impact Fund actively builds a future of economic equity and prosperity for Indigenous People by addressing the ongoing challenge of access to capital.

The Métis Settlements Impact Fund is a $100 million Impact fund focused on investments that advance Indigenous economic reconciliation. Investments will be selected to positively impact Indigenous communities and populations across Canada. The fund will act as a source of prosperity for the next seven generations of Métis settlement members, led by Indigenous voices in all investment decisions.

With a steadfast commitment to driving positive change, the Métis Settlements Impact Fund aims to allocate capital towards ventures and projects that deliver measurable social and environmental benefits alongside financial returns. Leveraging a rigorous screening process and strategic investment approach, the fund will focus on sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, sustainable agriculture, and indigenous entrepreneurs.

"At Métis Settlements Development Corporation, we believe in the power of finance to catalyze transformative solutions to Indigenous Economic Reconciliation," said Barbara McKenzie, CEO at Métis Settlements Development Corporation. "The launch of the Métis Settlements Impact Fund underscores our unwavering commitment to driving economic reconciliation while delivering long term financial returns for our partners."

"MSDC was formed as an investment vehicle to participate in strategic project investments. With the introduction of this impact fund the limited partnership that MSDC represents will now be able to consider a wide variety of investments that support our communities through the much need equity capital the partnership will provide." Dave Lamouche, President of the Metis Settlements General Council.

“Since our inception, the Métis Settlements Development Corporation has been focused on creating generational wealth for the Métis Settlements of Alberta.  To advance this mandate, new opportunities must be created for private and institutional investors to participate in advancing opportunity for Indigenous people.  The Métis Settlements Impact Fund provides a pathway for these investors to invest in the indigenous economy and advance reconciliation.” Brian Hjlesvold, Chair, MSDC Board of Directors

The Métis Settlements Impact Fund will prioritize investments that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that each dollar invested contributes to the advancement of sustainability objectives. By harnessing the power of capital markets for good, the fund seeks to create a more equitable and sustainable future for generations of Métis Settlement members and Canada’s Indigenous people to come. The Métis Settlements Impact Fund will follow an innovative Environmental, Social, Governance and Indigenous (ESGI) framework using observable data points with Indigenous values pertaining to community, land stewardship, and relational reciprocity.

Key highlights of the Métis Settlements Impact Fund include:

·       A diversified portfolio of high-impact investments across four key sectors of impact.

·       Rigorous due diligence and impact measurement methodologies to assess the environmental, social, governance and Indigenous Reconciliation performance of investments.

·       A commitment to transparency and accountability, with regular reporting on both financial and impact-related metrics.

Investors interested in joining the movement towards impactful investing are invited to learn more about the Métis Settlements Impact Fund and how they can become part of a community driving positive impacts on Indigenous Economic Reconciliation.

Create Good, Do Good, Share Good! Creating Impact – Unlocking the $100 Billion Indigenous Economy - Be Part of Reconciliation to Reconcili-Action

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