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MSDC Announce New Joint Venture Partnership

Karbon-X Partners with The Métis Settlements Development Corporation and Âsokan Generational Developments to Form Askiy Karbon Ltd: A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Collaboration

Karbon-X Corp., a leading advocate for sustainable environmental solutions, is proud to announce a transformative partnership with the Métis Settlements Development Corporation (MSDC) and Âsokan Generational Developments Ltd. This historic agreement marks the birth of Askiy Karbon Ltd., a pioneering joint venture poised to revolutionize the energy and environmental sectors while promoting Indigenous prosperity throughout Canada.

The Askiy Karbon Ltd. partnership, effective as of October 10th, 2023, brings together Karbon-X, MSDC, and Âsokan in a shared vision to address critical environmental challenges while promoting the economic interests of Indigenous communities. The partnership's key objectives include:

  1. Emission Offset Solutions: Askiy Karbon Ltd. will actively work towards mitigating emissions resulting from industrial applications that affect indigenous traditional territories. This commitment aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

  2. CO2 Sequestration: The joint venture will explore and implement cutting-edge CO2 sequestration systems, directly contributing to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on traditional territories. By doing so, Askiy Karbon Ltd. aims to play a pivotal role in environmental restoration and sustainability.

  3. Indigenous Compliance Network: Askiy Karbon Ltd. recognizes the importance of upholding Indigenous values and ensuring contractors working on Indigenous lands adhere to these principles. The venture will establish an Indigenous Compliance Network to monitor and promote compliance with Indigenous cultural values and environmental stewardship.

Askiy Karbon promotes the alignment of indigenous values and knowledge in addressing climate change across all sectors, industries, and lands. Our work focuses on supporting indigenous traditional territories, and endeavours to bring indigenous perspectives to large climate change mitigation initiatives.

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