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Request for Proposal - Legal Counsel

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Metis Settlements Development Corporation “MSDC”

The Metis Settlements Development Corporation “MSDC” was created for the advancement of the economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta. MSDC will foster economic prosperity for the future through the formation of the Metis Settlements Limited Partnership “MSLP”, with and for the benefit of all the Metis Settlements who share an interest in participating in various large scale investment opportunities that are best accessed as a group, rather than individually. Once formed, MSDC will guide MSLP in seeking out, assessing, and investing in these opportunities on behalf of the Metis Settlements who choose to participate.

The establishment of the MSDC is an important and positive step in the advancement of the economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta. With the purpose to connect those with link-minded interests participating in various large-scale investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial. The board of directors is seeking legal representation in administering the necessary due diligence and validation process associated with undertaking such investment research.

Each RFP submission should:

  • Broad practice in Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions in Alberta and Canada

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the areas of law relevant to economic development opportunities and associated documents and material.

  • Demonstrates a familiarity with the Metis Settlements Act, Indian Act, Treaty and Aboriginal rights as well as other relevant federal and provincial statues and legislation applicable to the Metis Settlements Development Corporation.

  • Each RFP should include proposed retainer(s) and/or hourly rates, travel rate disbursements, work plan and budgets

  • Firm experience in this specific area, or related areas

  • Name of person acting as a point of contact for the Law Firm and the contact information. Proposal submissions must be signed by your authorized representative of your law firm.

The deadline to submit is June 1, 2022 at 4:00 PM MST.

Submissions must be made by email to:

Metis Settlements Development Corporation Interim Chairperson,

Michelle Swanson Email:

Download PDF • 174KB

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