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The Metis Settlements Development Corporation plays an important role in the advancement, prosperity and economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta. 

Metis Settlements Development Corporation was created for the advancement of the economic interests of the Metis Settlements of Alberta in November 2021.  MSDC fosters economic prosperity for the future by participating in various investment opportunities that are beneficial for all partner Metis Settlements. 

The Metis Settlement Development Corporation (MSDC) is currently seeking joint venture and investment opportunities with the goal of generating long term revenues for Alberta’s Metis Settlements. The role of the MSDC is to evaluate, invest and manage partnership and investment opportunities on behalf of our shareholders. We are focused sectors such as infrastructure, transportation, agriculture, energy, metals and materials, service industry, technology, and real estate.MSDC blends social purpose with a strong focus on diversified investment opportunities.      


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