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Media Release

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Metis Settlements Development Corporation Established

Edmonton — January 3, 2022: On November 25, 2021, the board of directors of

Settlement Sooniyaw Corporation (SSC) convened and passed a resolution, agreeing to

take steps to form a new economic development entity for the benefit of the eight Metis

Settlements of Alberta. In accordance with that resolution, the Metis Settlements General

Council (MSGC) and SSC are pleased to announce the creation of Metis Settlements

Development Corporation (MSDC) on January 1, 2022.

Herb Lehr, President of MSGC, welcomed the news stating, “We are proud to take this

important step. The creation of the Metis Settlements Development Corporation is critical

for the advancement of economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta. It is a

long overdue and welcome tool that will foster economic prosperity for our future.”

MSDC is tasked with forming an economic development limited partnership — to be called

Metis Settlements Limited Partnership (MSLP) —with and for the benefit of all the Metis

Settlements who share an interest in participating in various large scale investment

opportunities that are best accessed as a group, rather than individually. Once formed,

MSDC will guide MSLP in seeking out, assessing, and investing in these opportunities on

behalf of the Metis Settlements who choose to participate.

The establishment of the MSDC is an important and positive step in the advancement of

the economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta. Metis Settlements General

Council is thrilled with this development and looks forward to new opportunity and

prosperity for the Metis Settlement people in Alberta.

SSC has appointed a board of first directors who are experts, skilled in investments and

Indigenous economic development. This first board of directors consists of: Alison

Thompson, Justin Jimmy, Michelle Swanson and Josh Wylie.

Each of the Metis Settlements will be approached in the coming weeks and months with

more information about MSDC and MSLP and how to participate.

Settlement Sooniyaw Corporation is a federal corporation formed in 1980 to promote the economic development of the Metis Settlements. It is owned collectively and wholly by all the Metis Settlements.

For further information and for all media inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Keill, MSGC Media Relations

Keill & Company Inc.

780 690 5283

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