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MSDC Announce New Joint Venture Partnership

Matrix HR and the Metis Settlements Development Corporation are proud to announce their new joint venture partnership.

Matrix HR (“Matrix”) is pleased to announce a significant new joint venture partnership between our organization and Metis Settlements Limited Partnership, represented by the Metis Settlements Development Corporation. Under this important partnership, Matrix will leverage its robust network of skilled and qualified construction labour resources and its comprehensive catalogue of HR services to facilitate enriching and profitable contracts with companies across a broad spectrum of industries with a goal of generating long term revenues for Alberta’s Metis Settlements.

“We aim to provide hundreds of employment opportunities for workers within Metis Settlements and neighbouring communities and to deliver labour and HR solutions that will result in economic development and sustainable models of employment from which we can all benefit,” says Shannon Warren, Founder and CEO of Matrix HR.

"At Métis Settlements Development Corporation, we believe in the power of finance to catalyze transformative solutions to Indigenous Economic Reconciliation," said Barbara McKenzie, CEO at Métis Settlements Development Corporation. "The launch of this partnership underscores the capacity for Corporate Canada to actively engage in indigenous economic reconciliation by accessing services through indigenous partnerships and creating meaningful employment for Indigenous people.”

This joint venture demonstrates Matrix HR’s mandate to prioritize diversity and inclusion with an ongoing commitment to establishing cooperative and collaborative relationships with Indigenous partners. It is our mission to deliver value with a focus on employment, skills training, and revenue sharing.

About Matrix HR:

Matrix HR is a leading provider of workforce solutions, offering a broad range of services, including temporary, permanent, and contract staffing across multiple industries. Their robust network of skilled professionals and their commitment to diversity and inclusion set them apart as a preferred partner for businesses looking to enhance their workforce.

Learn more about MSDC and our other partnerships.

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